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20447 US 160 Durango, CO

MON - FRI: 7AM - 6PM

Mike McNeal

McNeal's Auto Center is a family owned and operated custom shop. Since 1976 the McNeal's have provided complete domestic and foreign auto and truck repair and service in Durango, CO.

Mike McNeal and his family have made Durango their home for over 60 years. The McNeal's are immensely proud of their standing and history in the community. Mike provides auto service and repair for Durango area families stretching back, in some cases, three generations.

Mike McNeal is a master mechanic and Mike personally supervises all of the work done at McNeal's Auto Center. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and personal history. Honest, honorable and a pleasure to interact with. Mike McNeal is the real deal.

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Hot Rod

Hot Rod is the shop mascot and he's in charge of customer affection. Hot Rod makes sure that everyone who visits is given friendly and courteous attention. No exceptions are allowed.

Hot Rod is on full time duty at McNeal's Auto Center. It's a big job, but it's lots of fun. Hot Rod loves people, and people love Hot Rod.

Hot Rod does not like mice, but he does like bacon.

Bring your vehicle into McNeal's. Mike will take care of your ride and Hot Rod will take care of you.

No matter what your auto, truck, 4x4, RV or trailer needs are, Call McNeal's. We will get you up and running!

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